About Us
FTTH Co. was founded in 2014 with a knowledge-based attitude in both agriculture and manufacture to develop high quality products through the global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance systems. The major production lines of FTTH include extraction of Stevia natural sweeteners and processing of medicinal plants. Our herbs come from the wild or farm and are processed utilizing the latest technologies. These are species containing essential oils, aromatic and flavoring substances used in modern therapy and traditional herbal remedies, perfumery, cosmetics and kitchen. The post-harvest processing line of our medicinal plants comprises natural drying, cleaning, grinding, processing and packaging. Our products are produced without using any additives, free of pesticides, and entirely compliant with global standards of GAP and GMP.
Our Mission
The superior focus in FTTH is on the people’s health and well-being. To this end, we benefit from the immense capacity of scientists and capable managers in completion of the production chain from science to wealth and health.
Our Vision
Our vision is to bring natural medicinal plants ingredients and stevia sweeteners to people communities all over the world. We have the advantage to provide our customers the highest quality products, 100% natural and GMP-compliant ‘picked, processed and packed’.

Our Development

With our state of the art technologies and global standards we offer various products for both pharmaceutical and food industries, providing active components and culinary herbs adapted to particular requirements in each case. The FTTH processing line has been designed and established as an entire end to end solution in one location.

Facilities – For both manufacturing plants of stevia and medicinal herbs, FTTH has around 15,000 square meters of buildup areas, including raw material collection stocks, main processing plants, packaging units, products storage warehouses and quality certification labs. In terms of transportation network, the plant is easily accessible to the cultivation areas as well as the airport

Our People

Our people are our strength, and to us, they are more than workers or partners—they are our family. We have a dedicated team, passionate and committed about FTTH’s vision and enthusiastic to make customers happy. The FTTH’s vision of teamwork and success is to join knowledgeable professionals of medicinal plants processing with young and talented people to benefit mankind’s future through herbal medicines as one of the most significant healing tools of the future. There are 20 full time employees working at the FTTH headquarter and processing plants and many farmers working regularly under a categorized cultivation program.